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Series Prequel

Lora Weaver is not in the habit of spying on people. It’s rude. It’s unseemly. It’s an invasion of privacy.

It’s also almost impossible to avoid in a crowded café when a handsome stranger sets to scribbling secrets into a journal mere inches away from her croissant and mochaccino glacé. Secrets she has no business knowing. Which is just as well since the scribbles are in French and her skills in the language verge on lost-in-translation territory.

Not that anyone watching would know that. Anyone watching would think Lora knows plenty. Which Lora soon realizes when her new life in a new city plunges into a mélange of suspicious strangers, backstreet barters, and sweet secrets.

Find out how Lora Weaver met bestie Camille Caron and future ex-cop boss Laurent in The Demi-Tasse Début, a Lora Weaver mini-mystery prequel. Pull up a chair and hold on to your mochaccino, this one could get sticky:)

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Book 1 / Novel

When Lora Weaver follows romance from New York to Montreal, she expects to find a touch of Paris in North America—cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafés, fabulous shopping, and a little joie de vivre. Not dangerous liaisons.

But, when she takes a job at a PI agency owned by a French brother and sister team, her life takes on more twists and turns than a Cirque du Soleil show.

Her latest brush with danger kicks off the case of Piedro “Puddles” Bellinni—a deadbeat dad whose disappearance is linked to a dying girl, a socialite about to inherit a fortune, and a would-be thug whose ego ends up nearly as dented as his car.

Amid stalkings, shootouts, and kidnappings, Lora must also survive an unexpected houseguest—a flirty old friend of her live-in boyfriend Adam.

With a cast of characters that includes Camille Caron—a French PI with sharp boots, an even sharper tongue, and whose confidence and poise come from knowing how to drop a man twice her size—and her brother Laurent, an ex-cop and hockey hottie, The First Faux Pas is more caper-style romp than whodunit mystery.

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Book 1.5 / Mini-Mystery

It’s three days before Christmas, and Lora Weaver is hefting a body into the trunk of a car. Not exactly how she expected to be spending her first French holiday. But who said playing elf with best friend Camille Caron was going to be easy? 

When Camille’s grandmother runs a Christmas toy drive, Lora volunteers to help and soon finds herself waist deep in more than toys. Before long, she’s ducking bats, tracking thieves, and hopping more than bars. And all under the watchful eye of Camille’s hot PI brother, Laurent, and their charming cop cousin, François. Not to mention grand-maman—a woman with a heart of gold and a look that could stop a gal cold. 

The Nearly Nixed Noël is a Lora Weaver mini-mystery holiday caper that takes place between The First Faux Pas and The Pas de Deux. But it doesn’t need to be read in order—it’s just a little peek at Christmas in the Lora Weaver world.

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Book 2 / Novel

Lora Weaver is an ex-New Yorker, an ex-social worker, and could soon be an ex-everything if the identity thief poking a gun at her ribs gets itchy fingers.

On her first undercover case since swapping her social work career for a job at a PI firm, Lora is finding out that there’s more to playing Mata Hari than wardrobe changes. Much more. A fake fiancé, a fake wedding, and a fake name for starters. Never mind the dance lessons. Plus, there are undercover rules. Not that Lora’s good at following rules. But she’d better get good in a hurry because her new gig has her working alongside her ex-cop boss Laurent—a French PI who’s as hard about rules as he is soft on the eyes.

With her live-in boyfriend Adam simmering with jealousy and her best friend Camille dragging her to tea readings, Lora’s new life in Montreal gets complicated. Especially when the identity thief she’s tracking seems to be branching out to murder and Lora may be the next target. 

The Pas de Deux is the second romp in the Lora Weaver Mystery series with the same mix of romance, fun, and French charm.

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Book 2.5 / Mini-Mystery

It’s Valentine’s night and Lora Weaver is dining in a romantic hideaway, peering over her menu at another woman’s husband. The man is tall, dark, and handsome. And sitting three tables away playing footsie with a redhead ten years his junior. Lora’s job as a PI in training is to report back to the man’s wife about said goings on. A routine case, her French boss and faux date for the evening Laurent assures her. 

Or so it seems until Lora finds herself tripping over a body, dodging a sharpshooter, and shivering in a deep freeze. None of which pleases Lora’s own tall, dark, and handsome man, her boyfriend Adam, whose romantic soirée plans for the two of them are hindered while Lora tries to convince ex-cop and ex-hockey hunk Laurent and co-boss and sassy best friend Camille Caron that what’s going on at the Valentine villa is anything but routine. 

Not an easy task. But Lora’s determined to unravel the mystery, save the reputation of the most romantic day of the year, and prove that her pursuit of a vie en rose in La Belle Province is more than just a fairytale. 

The Lost Love Liaison mini-caper follows The Pas de Deux Lora Weaver Mystery and is best enjoyed with a small box of bonbons or a few squares of chocolat noir;)

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Book 3 / Novel

For Lora Weaver, PI training is a snap. Literally. Her task is to snap a picture proving some sap is defrauding an insurance company on a disability claim. Easy peasy.

Until that snap sets a whirlwind in motion that lands Lora at the picturesque Vieux Port dodging a kingpin crook dubbed Penguin and hoping she doesn’t end up swimming with the fishes.

On her way to becoming a full-fledged PI, Lora takes on the case of suspected insurance scammer Johnny—a warehouse worker currently collecting pretty cash and about to wed a pretty wife. That is until his life hits a few snags and Lora gets caught in the knot. A knot with possible ties to the mob and a snarl of sketchy characters with more secrets than sense.

Toss in live-in-love Adam, preggers part-time roomie Tina, bff femme fatale Camille, and steamy French boss Laurent, and Lora’s gonna need more than water wings to keep afloat.

As she juggles home, heart, and career, it’s sink or swim for Lora Weaver in The Ménage à Trois.

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2 Novels & 1 Mini-mystery

The set includes:

The First Faux Pas, book one in the series

The Nearly Nixed Noël, a holiday short story; and

The Pas de Deux, book two in the series